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IPC plast, spol. s r.o. [Ltd.]
is an important producer and supplier of paint rollers and other appliances and tools for professional users as well as for hobby purposes. IPC plast has gone through a fast innovation process in recent years. The original assortment of the products as well as the network of trade partners has been considerably expanded. The method of production underwent substantial changes as well.
Orientation of IPC plast, spol. s r.o. [Ltd.]
Production of paint rollers and accessories
Production of moulds, machines and tools
Pressing of plastics, precise pressing of technical products
Mini rollers (coiled thermo) Midi rollers (coiled thermo) Foam rollers Flocked rollers
Large rollers coiled thermo with a bearing (European system) and without a bearing (Scandinavian system) Large rollers sewn Special rollers Corner rollers
Structural and decorative rollers Painting sets Roller handles (European system) Roller handles (Scandinavian system)
Paint roller accessories
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